Facial Hair Epilator For Women

This review is from: Facial Hair Epilator For Women – Effectively Remove Unwanted Face Hair Without The Use of Tweezers or Expensive Laser Treatment, Waxing & Threading Systems – Complete with Box & Instructions Black (Misc.)
        This does work very well for removing unwanted hair. I have peach fuzz on my neck and a pesky little black hair on my chin. You simply just bend the spring to open up the loops and stick to skin and close the spring back being careful not to catch the skin. Then you just roll it with your fingers on the handles.
    The reason I gave it a four star instead of a five is simply because it hurts like a mother. It hurts and you will have to use it a couple of times to get use to the pain. It is a pulling the baby hair on the back of your neck type of pain. It’s not twee-zing eyebrow pain.
        It did remove all of my peach fuzzy even the little tiny ones. It is best to use in a makeup mirror so you can see you neck and under your chin while using to keep from pinching yourself.
        The handles stay on the spring nice and tightly which was one of my concerns. I would have hated to try to pull the spring with my fingers.
   I did receive this epilator at a free or reduced price for my honest and unbiased review. And these are 100% my thoughts and opinions.

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