Beam Electronics (2-Pack)Mini Dual-USB Car Charger

This review is from: Beam Electronics (2-Pack) 10W 2.1 A Mini Dual-USB Car Charger in Black (Wireless Phone Accessory)
           The Beam electronics 2 pack dual plug car chargers are heaven sent. I have a SUV with 4 charger ports in it and 3 kids. All three kids are teenagers. With teenagers comes all their devices.
         I have my own devices owning and running a business. Plus we have our GPS system in the SUV. Using the Beam chargers we are able to plug all our devices up by two per charger. This means Beam chargers being a 2 port charger I can charge 4 devices in two of my SUV adapter outlets Versus only two.
          Now I am not having to run charger cords everywhere and sacrificing my charge time to shut the whiny kids up. Like I said heaven-sent less arguing and more charging.
           I have also noticed that they charge in the same amount of time that the single charger does. They are mini in size and are not bulky sticking out of the port either. They look like they are a part of the port due to being so thin and flat on top.
       We haven’t had any issues with using the devices while they are charging in the charger.
      I have noticed though that the side prongs on the charger stick out a little bit allowing lint and small things to get caught in them. I would suggest instead of just throwing them in the console to put them back in the plastic bag or in a container to keep them clean.
    I did receive the Beam electronics car chargers for a free or reduced price for my honest and unbiased review. These are my thoughts 100%

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