ArcEnCiel Canvas Backpack

This review is from: ArcEnCiel Canvas Backpack ( Van Gogh’s Cherry Blossom) (Office Product)
                               This backpack is so adorable.
       It has Van Gogh’s cherry pattern on it. It is a very sturdy canvas material that is super thick and durable. The straps on the backpack are exactly like seat belts. They are sewn on with a very thick close stitch and are not going to break due to weight or getting snagged.
         The strap adjusters are a thick strong metal that stays where you put it. They are easy to adjust just have to feed through and pull excess.
     The zippers are thick and strong as well. It has Thick metal zipper pulls that zip and unzip easily without catching or snagging.
      There is a large zipper on one side that is the size of the bag inside with a small side pocket. The zipper on the other side is wallet and cell phone sized.
       The zippers to open the backpack are on the back side of the backpack which is a great thing. If someone wants to unzip your backpack they will have to touch your back. That stop pick pockets and keeps your things safe.
     The bag is also padded all over including the bottom to keep your tablet, phone,laptop or what ever safe from bumping things and breaking.
   I did receive the backpack at a free or reduced price for my honest and unbiased review and this is my thought of it 100%. I am very pleased with it.

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