Stassels’ Beeswax salve

Listed in the 2003-2004 edition of National Register’s Who’s Who as a miracle product for dry skin!

I got in touch with a very sweet lady named Julie Siemek and asked her for a sample of her Moisturizing Beeswax Salve and she replied to me by sending me some samples. I received the regular salve, lavender salve and the honey almond salve. Julie explained in a letter that was with my samples that she uses all natural beeswax and places all her products in petroleum jelly to apply with ease to lips and skin.


The Salve can be used for cold soars, psoriasis, sunburn, bug bites, poison ivy, eczema, cuts, athletes feet, cracked cuticle, cracked heels, warts, tattoos, bee stings, windburn,chapped lips, facial dandruff, dry skin and ect. The salve is safe to use on pets and humans.

I have been using the salve on my eczema and it is actually moisturizing my skin and helping my thumb to heal up. My thumb has a patch of dry flaky skin on it, however it was all busted blister soars before I used the salve. I also tried it as a lip balm and it stayed on for a long time feeling moisturized and super soft. The salve has a wonder aroma to it. The aroma is not too stronge . It is a nice soft aroma that is very pleasant. I especially love the honey almond salve. I have included a price and use list below. The prices are not bad at all for the quality of the beeswax salve. You can tell Julie works really hard at making the salve and uses only the best ingredients. Seriously go check her out you won’t be sorry!

Julie Siemek 1-715-668-5322 LSIEMEK@YAHOO.COM
She replies to any questions very fast and is super sweet!
Free sample available — Limit one per customer or family. Send me an email with your name, postal address, telephone number and why you would like to try my product!
Four sizes available:
.5 oz. – $1.25
1 oz. – $2.25
4 oz. – $6.00
15 oz. – $13.00

Cherry Bomb, Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Koconut Kraze, Lavender Fields, Pick-Me-Up-Peppermint and Sooo Strawberry – $1.50 each. Regular salve in a tube – $1.25 each.

.5 oz. lip balm — $1.50 each
Available in Bee-tastic, Berry Red, Cranberria, Honeylicious Pink,
Just Peachy, and Tawny Brun.
The colors look dark but go on the lips to leave just a hint of color.

SCENTED SALVES AVAILABLE: coconut, cucumber melon, grapefruit, honey almond, lavender, lavender-vanilla, peppermint, rose, strawberry, sweet orange, tangerine and vanilla musk and warm vanilla sugar.
.5 oz. – $1.50
1 oz. – $2.50
4 oz. – $6.50
15 oz. – $14.00

Available in regular salve and some scents. Supplies are limited so order now!

Shipping costs apply to your entire order.

Click here to see customer reviews and thoughts.
 Stassel’s website
 Stassel’s FaceBook page

Stassel’s e-mail


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