Pure Body Naturals Eye Cream for Dark Circles and Puffiness

This review is from: Pure Body Naturals Eye Cream for Dark Circles and Puffiness – 1.7 fl oz (Misc.)
          I have the type of eyes where I was blessed with dark puffy circle bags. I decided to try the Pure Body Naturals eye cream. When I received it I was very happy that it had a top mash down pump on it. I can use a cotton ball or makeup sponge to apply it under my eyes this way.
        I was thinking that it might give too much product out at a time with the top pump. After I had washed and dried my face I pumped the pump about four times and the cream came out. It wasn’t a lot of cream at a time. I actually had enough out of one pump to do both of my pretty eye bags and had a little bit left over to do a second thin layer after the first thin layer absorbed into my skin.
       I love the fact that it doesn’t have a smell to it at all. That way I can use my face moisturizer and the eye cream together without crossing smells.
         When I put the lid back on it snapped on and stayed. It didn’t wiggle or come off to easily. I also love the fact that the top of the bottle is big and flat. I have other product made the same and I am able to stack them for using less counter space in my bathroom.
        I have been using the eye cream for a week now and it does take the puffiness out from under my eyes. I still have my dark circles though. I believe it would work great for tired or stressed dark circles, but I was born with these and I have tried a lot of creams and still have them. Under my eyes feels so soft and smooth now also.
    I did receive the Pure Body Naturals eye cream for a free or reduced price for my honest and unbiased opinion and there you have it.

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