Petphabet THE BEST Carbon TechnologyOdor Killer Dog Training Pads

This review is from: Petphabet THE BEST Carbon Technology Activated 23 by 24 Inches Odor Killer Dog Training Pads – 20 Count of Pads (Misc.)
            I have two senior dogs and decided to get two pups so now I have four doggies who can’t hold it very long. The senior dogs need to go outside about once an hour and the pups play until last second and then run to the door. At night and when I have to leave the house I put down pee pads for them to use so I don’t have a mess. With the pee pads you simply just pick them up and toss them. No cleaning or scrubbing anything.
          I decided to try the petphabet pee pads and see how well they gather and absorb the urine. Keeping in mind I have four doggies using the pads. That is a lot of urine and a lot of the other pads wouldn’t hold it all leaving me a mess to clean up.
         When I opened these pads up I noticed they were thicker then most and have a rubbery black backing to them. They looked very nice and sturdy. I have been using them for about a week now and have noticed every time I leave for a long period of time I have no mess to clean when I get back. I can just pick up the pad and give it a toss and put down a new pad. No matter how many times they use the pad it just keeps absorbing it.
         They work well enough if I had a child who wet the bed I would feel safe using these pads to put under their sheets to protect their mattress.
       I did receive the petphabet pee pads at a free or reduced price for my honest and unbiased review of them and I am completely happy with them.

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