KAKA Laptop Backpack

This review is from: KAKA Laptop Backpack Daypack Hiking Backpack Gym Bag Travel Backpack Bag Sports Bag Camping Backpack School Bag Book Bag Fits Up to Most 17 inch Laptops Red (Electronics)
           The Kaka laptop backpack has a place for everything you can of. It has pockets all over. I absolutely love this bag for work I work outdoors and it is perfect for protecting my laptop, tablet, phone, order forms and makeup.
               It is extra padded so bumps and hits wont break your belongings.the straps are extra padded and sturdy do it wont strain your shoulders and back as bad as regular straps do. The seems in this backpack is extra thick and sewn tight to withstand heavy use. The zipper is extra thick and zips and unzips very easily and doesn’t catch or kink up. The pulls are a very thick metal and are attached very well.
                         It has extra padding along the bottom and sides of the back of the backpack for extra comfort. I love this backpack in red the picture doesn’t do it justice. This backpack is just the right size for child or adult. It would be great for elementary kids to carie all the things they need like crayons, folders, books and stay organized. It would also be great for high school kids to carie everything because they don’t have time to hit the locker. It would work well with college and light weight hiking.
           I have ordered two of the Kaka backpacks and I am so pleased with them. They are simple and easy to clean and can take a beating. I did receive the Kaka backpack for a free or reduced price for my honest and unbiased reviews. These are my thought 100% of this backpack.

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