Joyfor Manual Drain Cleaner

This review is from: Joyfor Manual Drain Cleaner, Hair Drain Clog Remover-Drain Hook, Slow Drain Cleaner Snake,auger type cleaning tool. Quick and easy drain unclogger(Pack of 4).
        Okay, so here is my gross honest review. I noticed my shower drain has been acting up and draining slower than usual. I decided to order the Joyfor manual drain cleaner after Drano didn’t work. I even used boiling water and apple cider vinegar in my drain and it didn’t help any. I figured it had to be a wad of hair slowing it down.
       I bought my house three years ago and although it was in great shape I don’t think she took care of the drains. I figured I could try the manual drain cleaner what could be the worst thing to happen (it not work)? When I received them in the mail I was happy to see they were longer then I thought they would be.
       They reach way down in the drain and are super flexible so they don’t stick or damage pipes. I started cleaning out my sink drains and wasn’t getting anything out. I thought well maybe they are to flexible and aren’t pulling the stuff all the way to the top before dropping it.
        I then moved on to my shower drain and pushed the cleaner down the drain and gave it a wiggle before pulling it back up and out again. It was a little hard to pull up this time. I saw why when I got it pulled back out. There was a wad of hair on that cleaner that was so big and had built up soap residue and all. It was the size around and long as a snake. I was super grossed out.
     The manual cleaner does work.
    I will attach photos so you can see. Sorry if it grosses you out.
    I did receive the manual cleaner for a reduced or free price for my honest and unbiased review.

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