Fenix – 6 Feet – Nylon Braided [Pink] Micro USB

This review is from: Fenix – 6 Feet – Nylon Braided [Pink] Micro USB [V9] Universal Data Cable – Lightning Fast Charging & Transfer for Samsung, LG, HTC and More (Wireless Phone Accessory)
              I ordered the Fenix 6 feet usb cord because all my cords were to short for me to have plugged in and use comfortably. I was having to sit in awkward positions and use my phone while charging. This wasn’t working, because I own my own business and have teenagers so I am always on my phone.
         When I received the USB cord I was really happy with how thick and durable it is. The cord has nylon braided around it nice and tight for extra protection. This is great for if you step on or accidentally pinch your cord. The braided nylon is nice and tight so it is not coming lose any time soon.
          Where the nylon connects to the extra thick plastic ends it is tucked nice and firmly. The ends like I said are a nice thick plastic that tops over the plug prongs holding them firmly to the cord. The plug prongs are a nice thick metal with all the connectors held well in place. It doesn’t move around or have any slack when plugged into my device or charger port. It doesn’t give me any tension while plugging it in at all. The cord just slides rite in and stays.
    I can move my devices around while using the cord and don’t get the connect chime ever. I have used it this past week to sync files and data to my laptop from my phone and haven’t had an issue at all. Everything synced very quickly and correctly. The cord is very attractive and is extra long.
   I did receive the Fenix USB cord at a free or reduced price for my honest and unbiased review and I am super happy with it.
Other colors available

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