BeFit24 – Baby Umbilical Hernia Belt

This review is from: ®BeFit24 – Baby Umbilical Hernia Belt – Made in Europe – 5 Year Warranty (One Size Fits All)
               This is a very sturdy and well made baby hernia belt. It is a one size fits all and adjust to fit with a very strong thick Velcro. The belt is very well padded and Velcro won’t let it come undone. If put on baby properly it will not move or shift out of position which is exactly what you need in a baby hernia belt.
           This belt fits from preemie up. I placed it around my arm and it fit snug so I would say about 2 pounds and up. I have pulled on the belt around the seam lines and the threading is nice thick and tight.
            The hernia belt is super easy to put on the baby. You just simply lay the hernia belt inside up and then lay the baby on the hernia belt in the center. All you do then is simply lap the large section around babies belly making sure the lump is on top of the babies hernia area and pull Velcro part around and stick it to the larger section. If you can dress and swaddle your baby you can use the hernia belt with no issues at all.
               I have washed out spots on the hernia belt that was dirty and they came right out without any issue so spit up and other accidents will be no issue to remove if treated immediately.
           The lump to hold the hernia in place is firm enough to work and soft enough not to irritate your baby. All and all this is a very well made hernia belt that will last a very long time.
         I would suggest buying two so you can clean one while other is in use.
       I did receive the hernia belt at a free or reduced price for my honest and unbiased review and these are my actual thoughts and feelings of it.

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