Beautiful Carcass


I found the most awesome skin care products ever!!!

As everyone who knows me knows I love nothing more than Halloween and a great scary movie. I need to also add that I co/own a monument company where I make and sell tombstones and do repairs in cemeteries. My husband works for a cemetery and is grounds foreman (he digs graves and cares for them). So now you can see why I wanted to try this companies products so bad. Wait! There is a added bonus they are organic.

Beautiful Carcass website

Beautiful Carcass Facebook Page

About the company

Diane and the Beautiful Carcass team put love and care into every product that we hand-make for our customers.  As a mom of three with sensitive skin, she knows all-too-well the problems of many chemical-laden store-bought skin care products and the harshness of those chemicals exposed to children.  The idea behind Beautiful Carcass is designing and making skincare products to revive your skin while not introducing varieties of unnecessary chemicals to your body, family and home.

I am going to add some of their products below with links to the products. Go check them out. I received the orange and Bergamont fizzy bath balm, the rosemary and lemon fresh cuts, the lavender and cedar wood lotion, the lavender and tangerine lip balm and the lavender and lemongrass lotion bar. My skin and lips are so happy. The products smell amazing.

Here are some of the products they offerFortune Teller Promo.jpg

Click here to visit this product


Click here to visit this item


Click here to visit this item

How can you not love the theme and looks of these organic skin care products? They are original and well thought out. They really put a lot of time and energy into every aspect of the product from presentation to how well the product works.

Here is another reason I love this company

They are honest and straight forward. here is the reason for her theme and name of the company from her website.

Why did I choose to name a skin care product line “Beautiful Carcass”?

I could have named it “Happy Flowers in Your Face” but I’m not that kind of gal. I mean I can be at times but primarily I choose to go against the mainstream. Beautiful Carcass is about redefining your idea of beauty and what you think you need to achieve it. Regardless of everything or anything, you are beautiful. I’m just here to help you love your body more by giving it healthier skin care products without all the questionable ingredients, hefty price tags and snobby boutiques.

Our bodies do not define our beauty or worth. They are just a shell. But we do need our bodies. We need them to help us do great, wonderful or mundane things. So, we should try to take care of them as best as we can. One step is to watch what you put on your skin.

Yes, we are semi horror themed but our products aren’t nearly as scary. We pride ourselves on our sense of humor and attitude. We are not dainty. We don’t like to look at the glass half empty or half full. We prefer to break the glass and see where things go.

So, you can either be horrified or take the plunge! We love you either way. 💋

BC New Front Page.jpg

I have emailed with Diane multiple times and she has always responded very quickly. When she went to mail me my package the post office kept sending it back to her. She only let this happen twice before she marched to the post office and saw that it shipped properly. She stayed in contact with me letting me know everything. She even threw in some extra goodies when she took it to the post office for my wait (which was not long at all). All of that for a sample. I know she is very dedicated to her customers and believes in her product.



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