Bath ologie by Fiona Bartels


I recently got in contact with Fiona with bath Ologie. I asked her if she would please send me a sample of her hand lotion so I could get an idea of what Bath ologie is all about. Fiona was such a sweet lady she sent me a sample and information all about how Bath Ologie works. DSC01296

I took a short quiz on my favorite things and smells. from the short quiz Fiona told me from the quiz what my mix of a sent should be. I got the numbers of 201-405-305. What these numbers are is numbers for scents. Like I love the scents of apples, mocha and eucalyptus. She made a mixture of the scents for me. I received the scent card and omg,It smells amazing. How they can figure out a mix to make everyone happy is beyond me, But they do. DSC01299

They are also taking new members to their one of a kind customizable bath and body business. They will teach you all you need to know about mixing your customers products with natural and organic ingredients. Create your own signature sent and design your own labels while you build your own business with the business that launched in January 2016.

Fiona will give you all the information you need about this opportunity or mix your sent. here is her contact information for purchasing or questions.


Fiona’s e-mail (click here

Fiona’s website (click here)




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