2 Pack FirmGrip Athletics Wrist Support Straps

This review is from: 2 Pack FirmGrip Athletics Wrist Support Straps Wrap Band For Lifting Crossfit Workouts Sports Men and Women – Blue (Misc.)
          My mom has Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and I thought these might help her wrist while she works cleaning houses. She has been wearing the wrist support straps for a week now and noticed that they do work.
                She said they were actually better than the ones the doctor told her to use. she said they provide extra support when she is doing the natural movements of her wrist like vacuuming and mopping the floors.
           She said she also loves how easy it is to clean the wrist support straps. She said she has got them dirty a couple of times now and she just spot cleaned them and the spot just came rite out.
          She also said that her wrist doesn’t hurt like they use to wearing the brace her doctor told her to use. She said that the support straps are nice and padded around the thumb hole and doesn’t irritate her by rubbing or moving around. She also likes that she can adjust the strap as tight or lose as she feels is needed at the time.
         The wrist support also comes under the pinkie more than most straps. That is a great thing for her because she has very short and small hands and they tend to rub and irritate. You also loose use of your finger this way and have a hard time typing and stuff.
    I did receive the wrist support strap for free or a reduced price for my honest and unbiased review.

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