Ibagbar Vintage Canvas Messenger Bag

This review is from: Ibagbar Vintage Canvas Messenger Bag Shoulder Bag Laptop Bag ipad Bag Bookbag Satchel Crossbody Bag Sling Bag Travel Bag Casual Bag Purse Bag Fanny Bag Handbag Daypack School Bag Work Bag
Ibagbar Messenger Bag
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               I love the craftsmanship of this bag. It is a super strong well made bag. The stitching is done with super strong thick thread. The zippers are a thick plastic that has thread sewn throughout it to keep it working properly for a long time. The details and zipper pulls on the bag are leather. The main material of the bag is a nice rugged thick canvas. Where the strap is attached and the length adjuster is metal connectors.
                  This bag is made for many of years of use. I have been caring this bag for about a week now and I am super happy with it. It has compartments everywhere. which helps me stay organized when I work.
                It has side pockets with a leather strap to hold things in so you can either carry your drink or phone in them. It also has a back zippered pocket I can fit My keys, phone and wallet in. It has a front magnet pocket under the flap I can fit my 10″ tablet in. On the inside of the bag it also has a big side zipper pocket big enough for my recite book and calculator. Plus it has two smaller pockets perfect for business cards or other electronics. Plus the open inside compartment which will hold my 10″ tablet with keyboard and case plus makeup bag.
              I work outdoors and to clean the bag all I have to do is use a damp cloth and wipe the dirt off of it. The Muzee bags from Ibagbar has always made me happy. They are made for a long time of use and can take my kids rough treatment on a daily basis. Plus the unisex look and simple details make for a bag to fit anyone.
        I received the canvas messenger bag from Ibagbar for a free or reduced price for my honest and unbiased review.
Here are other bags they have that I love! Just click on the names to go to Amazon and see the bags.
              They have some great bags and they will last a very long time.
When you calculate the price of the department store bags and how long you use them
You will be saving money and have better quality buying from Ibagbar. Let’s face it life happens and kids are rough on things. I know I have got Boys. It is great they look so nice, because everyone could use the savings and not have to sacrifice the look.

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