Delight ! wood spa vintage gift basket!

This review is from: Delight ! wood spa vintage gift basket! Includes: reflexology stick , back scrubber loofah, loofah pad, 255 ml shower gel, 255ml body lotion, 255ml body scrub, 255ml bubble bath, bath salt, potpourri. (Misc.)
              This is a very beautiful gift set box. I had to open it as soon as I got it and take a sniff of everything. The products in it smell amazing. They have a floral and fresh scent to them that smells so great.
                 I tried the lotion immediately and it moisturized and worked for a couple of hours before needing reapplied and I have eczema causing sever dry skin. I tried the shower scrub and gel today to see how it worked and wasn’t to impressed with it. It didn’t lather like I thought it should. I barely got anything washed without having to add more to the loofah. The smell of the scrub and gel didn’t stay on my skin either.
           I used the back and body loofahs and they worked great with my own shower gel. The loofah for my back came apart in a small spot when using it. The rest stayed in tact perfectly fine. The massagers is in perfect condition and feels wonderful when rolled across your back. It is a solid wood massager with rubber tips on the ends that stays in place.
            They wooden tray it all comes in is a very sturdy pretty solid wood tray. I received this product for a free or reduced price for my honest and unbiased review of it. In all honesty the lotion and loofahs along with the wooden box is worth it. The body scrub and gel is okay, but you have to use a lot of it.

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