#1 Best Quality ★ Raw African Black Soap ★

This review is from: #1 Best Quality ★ Raw African Black Soap ★ Imported From Ghana 1lb. ★ Grade A ★ Professionally Packaged in Quality Heat Sealed Resealable Zip Lock Pouch (Misc.)
         I opened up the soap and looked at it and gave it a big sniff.I don’t know why, but I have to sniff everything. I wasn’t to impressed with the look or smell of the soap. It looks like the mud pies I used to make as a child and smelt like olive oil or something. I figured well it is Raw black soap and I have never tried it before so I will not judge too much yet.
The bag and the bars are really big so I broke off a piece about the size of a regular bar of soap to start using. I washed my hands with it and was really surprised at how soft my hands felt. The oil smell wasn’t on my hands as well.
        I have eczema and have very dry patches on my hands from washing them and cleaning my house. I have been using the raw African black soap for almost a week and have very soft eczema free hands.
          I am so happy I actually tried the soap and didn’t judge it at first sight. I always apply lotion after I wash my hands and so it not having a scent is no big deal at all. Like I said before it comes in very large bars and comes in a big resealable bag for safe keeping until you can use it all.
          I received the soap in exchange for an honest and unbiased review of it and also like I said I am very glad I got to try it.

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