Trianium Atomic S Battery Case Charging Cable

This review is from: Trianium Atomic S Battery Case Charging Cable [Micro-USB to USB Cable] – High Speed USB 2.0 Micro B Sync and Charge Cable (Black -3Pack) (Electronics)
      I received the Trianium Atom S battery charging cables. I was so happy that there were three in the pack. We can never keep these things at my house. i think they are hiding with my lost sock mates.
            I gave two of them to my teenage sons to try while I tried the third one. They hooked into our devices nice and easy and stayed plugged in without slippage or loosing connection when moving your devices around while connected to your computer.
           The cords have a nice thick coating on them for protection. The ends of the cord holding the connectors on are nice, thick and well-connected. The prongs are very sturdy and don’t bend or flex when mashed together. I am able to sync music and other data very quickly and without fail with the Trianium Atomic S Battery charger cords.
          I checked on the kids to see how the charger cords are holding up for them. They are very rough on things and have bad luck with things. Things always happen or the item will stop working on them. Both boys charging cords are still in tact and working great. The said they have charged and synced with the cords and not had one issue. They said the car chargers even worked great with the charging cords.

I did receive the The Trianium Atomic S Battery charger cords for an honest and unbiased review of the product.


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