Stalion® Selfy Handheld Extended WIRED

This review is from: Selfie Stick : Stalion® Selfy Handheld Extended WIRED Monopod Portrait Taker & Video Recorder (Jet Black) UNIVERSAL FIT for iPhone 6 6s Plus, Galaxy S7 S6 Edge+ Note 5 and smartphones (Wireless Phone Accessory)
       The Stalion selfie stick is a very well made stick. It tightens down and will not turn or move at all. It has a strong wrist holder for just in case of hand slippage and for easy carrying. The clamp to hold the phone or camera in place has nice strong grip with rubber padding to keep from scratching up your devices. I literally shook the stick pretty hard and my camera stayed in place. It never fell out or slipped the least.
      I like the reach of the Stalion stick. It extends way out so you can get a group shot or capture your surroundings in your picture or video. Even when fully extended it didn’t feel to heavy. It felt the same as half extended, because of the angle it is in when gripped.
       When closing up the stick I can run the cord under the camera holder so it is held firm into place and doesn’t get caught on anything in your bag. It is also very easy to just put back in the plastic holder in the box it comes in. The top is open and the box just lifts up to open.
       I do have an android phone and I did have to download an application in order for the plug to work with my phone. It wasn’t hard to do. It only took about a minute. The application was free to download to my phone. The only side effect was I had to spend a minute for the download to complete. It has worked great. I set my phone to take pics with the volume buttons and stick the plug into my phone. After that I am ready to go. It takes about as long as connecting a blue tooth stick to your device.
     I did receive the Stalion selfie stick for free or a discounted price for my honest and unbiased review.

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