Sandalwood Beard Oil Conditioner & Softener

This review is from: Sandalwood Beard Oil Conditioner & Softener. Pure, Organic & Natural Made in the U.S.A. Best Premium Beard Oil for Mustache and Beard Growth as well as Skin Conditioner for Men. The Gentlemen’s Beard (Health and Beauty)
         I like the Gentlemen’s Beard products I get for my son. He always gets great results with it. His beard gets so soft and healthy. It feels like he just conditioned it with a treatment. His beard gets fuller and doesn’t tangle.
         He takes great pride in his beard and finds it super easy to take care of with beard oils and creams. It cuts his maintenance down by 80%.
            I gave him this one in sandalwood to try. I opened the bottle first to sniff it. I have to sniff everything. It’s a problem. I didn’t care much for the smell. It wasn’t the sandalwood smell I have come to know over the years. It is a musky after the bonfire smell of watered down ash. My son didn’t like the smell much either, but not as bad as me. He said it wasn’t his favorite of all their products.
          He tried it and it works perfectly. It is just like the others. It just has a musky manly odor to it. Make sure that is what you want before buying. My son prefers the nice clean smell of the other Gentlemen’s Beard products.
      So all in all it is a great product that really works great it is just a smell preferred by some and not others. I did receive the Gentlemen’s Beard in sandalwood for free or a reduced price for my honest and unbiased review of the product.

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