Premium Beard Oil and Conditioner

This review is from: Premium Beard Oil and Conditioner – HUGE 4 oz Bottle – FOUR TIMES LARGER – 100% Natural – Softens Your Beard and Stops Itching – With Nourishing Jojoba Oil, Almond Oil, Plus Three Essential Oils! (Health and Beauty)
      I ordered this for my son who loves his beard and takes great pride in it. He has found that beard oil and creams cut his work on grooming and caring for his beard down to almost no time at all. I got him the Beardsmen to try to see if he likes it.
           When it was delivered I was so shocked at the size of the bottle. It make three of the other beard oil brand product bottles. I also like the smell of it. I gave it to my son and he opened it and was shocked at the size of the bottle as well. He then took off the lid and took a sniff. he said he really liked the smell of it.
         He started using it the next day and it made his beard so soft and smooth. No tangles or tats. it made it super easy to comb his beard. He said he likes how it rubs in easy and his beard absorbs the oil so easy and quickly.
         He said that if he forgets to apply it everyday though his beard feels brittle and hurts on his face. It does dry out very quickly if not applied on a regular schedule.
              It didn’t take much of the oil to apply to his beard for each use either. He only uses about a quarter sized amount of oil for every use. This product is going to last a very long time for the amount in the bottle that you receive.
                It comes in a nice thick glass bottle with a thick metal lid. The glass is thick enough I believe it would survive a fall of the counter in the bathroom. I haven’t tried it and wont, however I believe it would.
        I did receive this product at a free or reduced price for my honest and unbiased review of the product.

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