Nail Polish Remover 100% Natural

This review is from: Nail Polish Remover 100% Natural – USDA Bio-certified Non-Toxic, Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover, Effective UV Gel Nail Polish Remover Won’t Dry Nails, Moisturizes Cuticles Strengthens Weak Nails 4oz (Misc.)
          I was so shocked that the Pure Body Naturals nail polish remover works as well as it does. I Figured it being all natural it wouldn’t work as well as it says it does.
        I put some paper-tows down on my table to protect it. Then I laid my hand down and dropped a few drops on each finger nail and let it sit for about 3 minutes. I then just wiped the polish away with another paper-tow. It came right of without wiping and scrubbing my nails. I did take a q-tip and wipe around my nail beds. It came off just as easy as the rest of the nail.
         It looks, feels, and has the consistency more like olive oil rather than nail polish remover. The odor from it is more of a latex odor then nail polish odor. It smells like a latex glove.
     The bottle may seem small for nail polish, but you are using so much less of it then acetone remover. You think about it and compare a few drops per finger verses a soaked pad of the acetone remover and they equal out to getting more use of Pure Body Naturals remover. When compared the Pure Body Naturals does more for the nail and is a great quality amount for the price. I also only used 2 paper-tows and one q-tip to remove all the polish on both of my hands. So that saved me money there as well.
I got the Pure Body Naturals nail polish remover for free or a reduced price for my honest and unbiased review.

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