Calily Aromatherapy Essential Oil Set

This review is from: Calily Aromatherapy Essential Oil Set, 6 Bottles/10ml each (Lavender, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Sweet Orange, Peppermint) (Kitchen)
           I received these Calily Aromatherapy essential oils at the same time as my Rada beauty cool mist humidifier. The very next day everyone in my family came down with a head cold and sinus problems.
           I have been using the peppermint Calily essential oils in the humidifier to open up everyone’s noses. It has been working like a charm. I only had to use 4 drops in it as the oils are very strong and it doesn’t take much to fill a room. At 4 drops it is strong enough to fill the room and everyone gets relief.
            It works better than Vick’s vapor rub in humidifier. The kids are happy because it smells like peppermint candy they said. They have always complained about the Vick’s. I use the lavender oil in my humidifier at night to help them relax and go to sleep. When your sick it is hard to wind down and relax. The lavender oil makes them relax and get some sleep so they get better faster.
            Everyone is getting better from the oils, cool mist humidifier, herbal tea and rest. That and my house smelling wonderful makes me a very happy mother.
         I am also very happy that with the small amount of oils I have to use this set is going to last me a very long time. You defiantly get your moneys worth out of this set of oils.
I received the oils at a free or reduced price for an honest and unbiased review of them.

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