Sungluber(TM) Universal Air Vent Mount Holder

This review is from: Car Mount, Sungluber(TM) Universal Air Vent Mount Holder Cradle Cell Phone holder for car (Wireless Phone Accessory)
                This is a great car mount for many reasons. First if you use your phone for GPS like I do it makes it so much easier. It is hard to hear you turn notification while using your GPS. You can’t always pick your phone up and hold it either.
        With the car vent mount you just stick it in your heater vent and you can hear it loud and clear. You can also see the screen and not have to pick the phone up every time.
                I have tried the suction cup mounts only for them to fall while driving as well. This vent mount stays firmly in place without falling on me. I sometimes do videos while driving as well. The suction cups like I said falls and the dash mounts move around on me. The vent mount puts my phone in just the right position and stays in place.
       Another good use for the vent mount is to use your phone with your mp3 capable car radio. Not only will it make it easier to make selections on your mp3 or phones that are touch screen but it will be closer to your radio for cord usage.
               The part that clips on to you phone will fit a slim or wide phone with or without a case. It is easily pulled into place on your phone and hugs it securely. It doesn’t leave any scratches or squeeze the phone to hard as well. I am very happy with this car mount for many reasons.
               I did receive this car mount at a free or reduced price for an honest review.

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