Radha Beauty Dead Sea Mud Mask

This review is from: Radha Beauty Dead Sea Mud Mask of face & body 8.8 oz – The most effective 100% natural facial treatment to minimize pores, reduce wrinkles, decrease acne and Improve skin Complexion (Misc.)
          I absolutely love the smell of this product! It didn’t feel itchy or crackly on my face at all. I kept it on for about ten minutes total and was very easy to wash away with a warm cloth.
        My facial skin has felt smooth and fresh all day after using this face mask. I have some acne spots on my face and this product didn’t irritate them at all. There is also a lot of product in the container it was actually filled to the top. With the amount you use on your face this tub will last a long time.
       I got this product for free to give a honest review and I am glad I did. I will absolutely buy it again. I am also going to check out their other products as well.

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