QuickFire, Instant Fire Starters

This review is from: QuickFire, Instant Fire Starters. Waterproof, Odorless, Safe And Easy To Use. Survivalist Approved! Contains 25 FireStarter Pouches. (Small – 25 Pouches) (Kitchen)
        I received this package very quickly and was well protected in the packaging. Quick Fire is actually a great product. I tested its claim to be water proof. I put one of the 25 packs I received in a pan of water on each side for one minute each.
   I then pulled it from the water and wiped it off a little bit with a towel. Keeping in mind there was still dampness on the pack I lit it. It worked. It lit right up and produced a long talk flame.
      Even damp it worked more than efficient enough to catch coals or wood on fire. It did have a small odor while burning. It was a faint new plastic smell. Like opening a Barbie doll package. The smell let very quickly and was faint.
          I would be comfortable using indoors in a fireplace without worrying about the smell. This product is perfect and compact for camping, hiking, indoor storage or carrying outdoors to grill. I did receive this product at a free or discounted price for my honest review.
         Would I buy again? Definitely!

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