Premier Face Lift

This review is from: Become Ageless Instantly with Premier Face Lift -5 Vials 10ml Total -Remove Wrinkles, Bags, Lines, Puffiness & Dark Circles Instantly -Powerful Clinical Anti Wrinkle Microcream -Your Facelift in a Box (Misc.)
          This product does make a difference. I put it on one eye instead of both to be able to tell. I read the directions Which was super easy to follow) Then applied. In about 2 minutes I did see a difference in my right eye. It looked more firm and plump.
        I was surprised (not praise Jesus) but surprised. It lasted for about 4 hours and then my eye went back to its normal self. I didn’t have any irritation or feel bothered by it at all.
      There was no odor to cause eye irritation. It only takes a few drops per area to be treated. With five tubes you will have a long use out of each purchase.
       I did receive this product at a discounted or free price for an honest review.
        My opinion is it is worth the money and is a great product. Just don’t expect a face lift look. It also has reversible caps for the tubes for reclosing so it doesn’t spill out or dry up.

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