FreeSub Use With Epson Ink Cartridges

This review is from: Compatible For Epson 200 200XL Ink Cartridge 3 Set+3 Black FreeSub Use With Epson XP-410 XP-400 XP-310 XP-200 WF-2540 WF-2530 WF-2520 (Electronics)
          I have been buying my Epson 200 ink cartridges at Wal-Mart. I am so happy I found these on here. I was browsing through amazon review trader and noticed the company had ink cartage’s for Epson printers.
        I clicked over to their site and was floored that they had my printer’s ink cartilages for such a cheap price. I actually wrestled myself and thoughts wondering if they would be any good or not. I broke down and bought them figuring at Wal-Mart I pay 53 bucks for 4 cartilages and these were around 20 for 15 cartilages.
                I run out of ink constantly considering I own my own business and have a teenager in school. Seems like every week I’m replacing them. I am fixing to start couponing and that will be even more replacing.
              I received the box which was very well packaged and secure. Opened it fearing they wouldn’t fit and was so shocked to find that they were exactly like my ink cartilages. I put them in yesterday and ran my test run then gave them a try.
              I printed off some coupons and they look great. I am very pleased with them. I also received an email from the lovely lady selling them. She seemed so sweet and nice. She said if there was any problems or issues to let her know and she would take care of it immediately. I have found my new place to get all my ink from now on out. So pleased with the product and seller!

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