Creazy® Men’s Casual Faux Leather Belt

This review is from: Creazy® Men’s Casual Faux Leather Belt Buckle Waist Strap Belts (Apparel)
              I ordered this belt at a very cheap price. That being said I wasn’t expecting the quality that I received. It was a very nice looking quality belt. I wouldn’t ware it to do construction, but for everyday ware it will last a long time.
       It was delivered before it was supposed to be which is very nice. I like to get my product I ordered ahead of schedule.
       It did have a very loud plastic and leather smell to it though. Those two smells together does remind you of a burning rubber smell. I laid the belt out in my laundry room to air out and the smell went away. I figure it must have just been a mix of new belt and shipping packaging. It did come in a plastic bag with plenty of tape and labels on it.
       I was not expecting it to be a Ralph Lauren belt which it was. I was expecting it to be just a plain cheap generic belt. I am completely satisfied with this product. Just wish I hadn’t smelled it at first.

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