Archeer Wireless Headphone

This review is from: Bluetooth Headset, Archeer Wireless Headphone Ultra Light Hands-Free Earpiece AH05 with USB Charging Dock, Compatible with iPhones Samsung Galaxy Series and Leading Android Smartphones &Tablets
               I prefer the headsets, now that being said I did try this one to see if I would like it. I was figuring it would slide out of my ear all day. I also had the thought it wouldn’t pick up my voice that well while talking to callers. I was wrong.
            To start out It has an ear piece attachment that is very flexible and doe not irritate your ear, however holds it in place very well. second of all I can hear callers and they can hear me very clearly. I even tested it out on my sons wi-fi only free call app and had no issues. I could hear him and he could hear me.
                 Now to how easy it is to use. When I received it I thought only two buttons? Most have volume, call answer and other buttons. This one had a call answer and a volume button. It turned right on and I then turned the blue tooth on my phone it immediately connected. I made a call to my husband and asked him if I could try it out and play with it. He naturally said yes being he is use to this kind of stuff from me. I played with the volume button and it was super easy to use and worked perfectly fine.
                I then tried using it for music on my phone. Be careful it can be louder than calls! It worked just fine though. The sound was clear and had the right amount of treble and bass you would expect from this headset. To charge it you just simply put the end of the Bluetooth into a charger port and slide it into your computer connecting port.
            It also came with extra ear cover pieces! I handed this blue tooth to my 13-year-old son who had it connected and was using it in about 30 seconds. Like I said it was super easy. If you want ease to use or you’re not tech savvy or even getting for someone young or old I would recommend this one.
     I would not recommend for sport though it might jar out of your ear then. I did receive this product at a free or reduced price for an honest review. Here you have it. I am very pleased with it.

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