TOOGOO(R) 500 pcs Acrylic Artificial Fake Fingernails

This review is from: TOOGOO(R) 500 pcs Acrylic Artificial Fake Fingernails Full Cover fake False Nails Art Tips party wedding nails Decoration Manicure for women girl lady White (Electronics)
        I found these Acrylic fake nails at a very low price and automatically assumed they were super thin and would break and chip.
               They were 500 of them for this price and was prime eligible? Hmmm, makes you wonder. I received my package in exactly 2 business days after ordering them. They were all separated in little baggies according to size and all those little baggies was in a large baggies.
          I noticed right away the two larger nails was going to be way to big and got skeptical again. After looking through the bags I noticed no matter what size your nails are these bags #1-#10 had a size that will work. I was able to find the rite size for each nail very quickly because of them being numbered in separate baggies.
         These nails are very long though. A tip if you don’t like long nails is to use nail trimmers and cut just a little bit longer then wanted and file into the shape and size you want. This will keep it from breaking during cutting. I cut and filed mine down and have been using them for two days now without chipping or breaking.
          I have three dogs, two kids and work outdoors. I usually pay 10-12 bucks for one set of nails of the same quality as these. I can do my nails over 20 times for less of a price of one set! That is a great deal!

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