Vida Cora Quick Six

This review is from: Vida Cora Quick Six Garcinia Cambogia Extra Strength with Green Tea, Raspberry Ketones, Green Coffee, African Mango and Apple Cider Vinegar 500MG 300 Capsules: Weight Control Formula (Health and Beauty)
            I received this product a week ago and it just being a week here is my impression. I ordered the Vita Cora quick six because my weight fluctuates up and down. Which I guess most woman’s weight does. I sit on my bottom most of the day at work and have knee problems which makes loosing weight difficult for me. It doesn’t help that I am in my thirties and have two kids and just grab food that is quick and convenient to me when I do eat.
          Most of the diet supplements I have tried has made me feel bloated and lazy. Like I just ate Thanksgiving dinner. Considering I sit at a desk all day this bloating and tiredness is not a good thing.
          When I received the Vita Cora quick six I figured it would be the same as the others I have tried. I took them and felt full, but no bloat. It helped with my sitting and craving food.
         I take it two times a day once of the morning a half an hour before breakfast and once a half an hour before dinner time. I take two capsules at a time equaling 2000mg a day. You can take two capsules up to three times a day equaling 3000mg. I don’t eat lunch though so twice is enough for me.
           I have noticed I have been eating less at each meal. I don’t feel the least bit draggier or bloated. The capsules are coated and you can not taste them at all which is another thing I like about them.
         It has been only a week and I have not noticed a drop in my weight, however you wont in one week. It usually takes two to three weeks to notice a change on any weight loss supplement that you take. I do notice I am not hungry and that I am eating less.
         I do like the amount of capsules you receive with this product. It is a very large bottle made of strong alumina to protect the capsules. I did receive the Vita Cora quick six at a discounted price or free for an honest review.

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