Valentia Royal Rose Hydrating Serum

           Valentia Royal Rose Hydrating Serum

   I recently joined a site named BrandBacker. In this site companies offer their products for reviewers to try to give an honest and unbiased opinion on. I put in to review Royal Rose Hydrating Serum and got picked as one of the lucky ones to get it. I received the product from them through Amazon.

   Royal Rose Hydration Serum moisturizer, smooths and nourishes dry skin, smooths skin tone and texture and gives antioxidant protection. It is for sensitive skin so no worries there.

It has

 Rosa damascena = ( a skin friendly natural oil) for balance and moisture.

Niacinamide = (vitamin B)  for sun spots and acne

Rosehip seed oil =  (fatty acid, vitamin c and a)  to lock in moisture.

Evening primerose oil = (moisture enhancer) to provide non-oily moisture.

Bearberry = (reduces melanin production) To to lighten the skin for a brighter complexion.

Lavender = (for healing the skin) It heals pimples,wounds and sores


You use 1-2 pumps.

You apply evenly to face and neck every evening after cleansing your face.

After completely absorbed you can apply your other products like moisturizer and eye treatment products.

What do you get when ordering this product?

You will receive your product boxed with bubble wrap around the bottle and in the box. It is very secure and safe.

A very attractive gold and white box with a  1.18 oz. glass bottle inside with a nice thick sturdy pump on it. The pump is not greedy, but does not over distribute the serum. It pumps very easily and gives product every time.

How does it smells?

I always want to know how something smells before buying it. You don’t want to get stuck with something that stinks.

It smells just like roses. Fresh bloomed healthy roses. It smells very nice it’s not the grandma rose smelling products it’s real smelling.

How did my skin feel after using it?

Very soft! My skin felt wonderful it felt smooth as a baby’s bottom. I done one side and not the other just to see the difference. There was a big difference in the two. It does smooth the skin and soften it.

Did it help my acne?

It did help my acne a little bit. I have hormonal acne around the jaw line. The least bit of stress or anything causes a breakout. I have teenagers, dogs, own my own business, do reviews and still have my period. Nothing is going to prevent it. The Rose Hydration Serum did help clear it up when I broke out though.

How long before I saw results?

As soon as I used it I noticed it was rehydrating my face.

My final thought on this product?

I would recommend it. Plain and simple it does work and it smells great. I was impressed.

To order on Amazon

This is a sponsored post by Brandbacker


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