SUNJAZZ Unisex Star Pattern Hip-hop Snapback Baseball Cap

This review is from: SUNJAZZ Unisex Star Pattern Hip-hop Snapback Baseball Cap (Apparel)
      I got this hat for my thirteen year old son who has a fairly large head. To give you an idea he is 5’9″ tall and weighs 220 pounds. He is a grown man-sized kid. He wears this hat on the third clip notch and there are seven of them. That means you can tighten it down four more times to fit a child’s head or loosen it two more times to fit a larger mans head. making this a great fit for children, men and women. I have very long hair coming to the bend of my back and wear it on the fourth snap.
        The Sunjazz snap back is a flat bill hat. It will not curve like a ball cap will. My son will only wear flat bill hats and loves this one. It has a very soft feel to it and has air holes making it breathable and not to hot. It is made out of 40% cotton and 60% silk which also makes it not feel to hot to wear. It wont sweet you at all.
     It did have some loose threads on it. The loose threads didn’t make it fall apart it was just from the end of sewing. Very easily clipped with scissors. On the front of the hat not really noticeable at all where the top sews onto the bill has a little bit of bunching in the material. It straightens out while on the head and only slightly noticeable while not wearing. So don’t worry it is because it is a silk material which stretches and moves. Silk is very hard to sew and if not sewed a certain way will come loose or tear. They actually done a great job on it.
       The colors are very vibrant and not faded or smeared at all.
    I received this product at a free or reduced price for an honest review.

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