Stalion Saver Power Bank

This review is from: Stalion Saver 5000mAh E5 Power Bank for Smartphones, Quick Silver (Wireless Phone Accessory)
         The Stallion savor 5000mah e5 power bank is a great power bank. When I received it I was surprised that it was the same size as my 5″ screen size phone. It is super thin and extra large.
       I gave it a good charge when I unboxed it. I then used it to fully charge two cell phones and a blue tooth headset in around 35 minutes. It still had plenty of power left in it. I plugged it up to recharge it and it only took one hour give or take a few minutes.
      This power bank outlast and charges all my phones and devices. If you live or work on your tablet, phone, blue tooth or whatever you need to get this one. I have two other power banks that I gave away once I got this one.
      Due to the size of it , it does need a protective case for people who work outdoors in harsh work environments. That is the only thing I noticed it needed though. It will fit in and shirt or pants pocket of normal size. It even fits in my purse cell pockets perfectly.
      It is very strong and sturdy made. The LED light on it is very bright and lights up to where you can see it from across the room.
      I am so glad I received this product at a free or reduced price for my honest and unbiased review. I will purchase again if anything happens to this one.

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