Smooth Viking Beard Conditioner

This review is from: Beard Conditioner for Men – Natural Wax Conditioning Softener that Soothes Itching – Use With Beard Oil and Balm for Best Results and Growth – Argan Oil, Shea Butter and Beeswax – 2 OZ – Smooth Viking (Health and Beauty)
           I got this for my son to try. He had been using beard oil by art naturals. He liked it but smelled like a mild olive oil which didn’t excite him at all. He received the smooth viking beard conditioner and was a little eerie of it being a balm. He tried it and discovered he loved the texture and how much easier it was to apply then the oil.
         He also loved the smell of smooth viking a lot better than the art naturals. It has a very light clean smell to it almost like lever 2000 soap after washing. The smooth viking is also lasting just as long as the art naturals even though the oil comes in a larger container. You actually only have to use half of the smooth viking as you would the oil.
        He has noticed a lot of results in just two weeks of using smooth viking. I have noticed his beard is growing and feels so much smoother than before. It has made it a lot easier for him to comb his beard as well.
          He doesn’t have an oily feel to his beard after applying smooth viking. It feels like he used a very good conditioner and it is clean. My son told me he is going to stick with the smooth viking.
     I did receive this product at a free or reduced price for my honest review. All and all I would recommend this product to guys who love and take pride in their beards like my son does.

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