Review of Bibles for America

                         I am super impressed by this organization. They give free study and learning books to people who request them. They never E-mailed me harassing me or called the number  I provided hounding me.

Their sole purpose was to give me the books to enjoy and learn from. That is amazing to me!

   I received The normal Christian life by Watchman Nee It pretty much is about him teaching daily happiness as a Christian. How there is no formula for it. It is something you learn over time.

   I also received The economy of god. It pretty much is how god is Nee’s co-worker.They work together to bring out his spirituality and serve the church.

  I also received A life full of forbearance but without anxiety. A life study of the Philippians book. These books came UPS and arrived within a couple of days. They have a very large selection of literature on their site.

  I would highly recommend them if you believe the same or are interested in learning about religions.


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