Rapunzel Hair Growth Shampoo

This review is from: Rapunzel Hair Growth Shampoo – With Safe Natural Ingredients That Promote Hair Growth – Amazing Lime & Floral Natural Scent – Lathers Easy – Made In the USA 
        I Can’t get past the smell. It honestly smells like chloraseptic sore throat spray or something of that sort. It has a very strong medicine type smell to it. It says it has an amazing natural smell. I couldn’t wait to sniff it. I love sniffing all my products. I wasn’t to happy when I did sniff it. Now that the bad of it is out let’s go to the good.
      It lather amazingly. Just like suave shampoo actually. It didn’t over dry my hair which I was really concerned about seeing as it smelled the way it did. I did have to use conditioner of course. I always do. My hair is past the small of my back and tangles very easily.
      This shampoo didn’t kill out the volume of my hair either. I had just as much as I usually do. My hair was also very easily styled after using this shampoo. it didn’t fall flat in spots or have fly aways or strays everywhere. I sometimes have that issue with using new shampoos.
      It didn’t take but two quarters amounts of the shampoo to wash my hair. That is a great thing considering it is an eight ounce bottle. So you will get your money worth out of use of it.
      Whether or not my hair has grown I have not noticed. It has been a week I have been using it and I need longer to tell. It does clean your hair, wont dry it out, works great with conditioner, lathers well, only a small amount needed, but it does smell like medicine.
     All that being said I did receive this product at a reduced or free price for my honest review.

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