PURA D’OR Scalp & Dandruff Premium Organic Argan Oil Treatment Shampoo

This review is from: PURA D’OR Scalp & Dandruff Premium Organic Argan Oil Treatment Shampoo, 16 Fluid Ounce (Health and Beauty)
       My son has very oily hair and a very dry scalp. Thank you puberty! Anyways the only shampoo I have found that will help is Head and shoulders. It gets rid of his dandruff, however his hair is oily again in the evening time.
       I was beginning to run out of options and was considering a medicated shampoo from the doctor. I have been avoiding this, because he has a liver disease. He also has a sensitive skin with psoriasis and I am eerie of a lot of chemicals and medicines. I saw the PURA D’OR scalp and dandruff organic shampoo and figured let’s knock this one-off the list. He has been using it for almost two weeks now and it works! He has no dandruff and his hair is a nice healthy shiny (not greasy).
      There is one thing to keep in mind with this shampoo though it is organic. It does use all natural ingredients. That being said it does have a strong odor like T Tree shampoo. It is a peppermint T Tree oil smell. Not unpleasant at all just eye-opening. It isn’t as strong after using in your hair as it smells in the bottle.
      It doesn’t take much of the shampoo for each use so this bottle will last you a long time. It is as simple as wet your hair apply quarter sized amount lather and leave on for two to three minutes then rinse. My son just leaves it on while he soaps up the rest of his body and rinse all at once.
    I did receive this product at a reduced or free price for my honest review.

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