My review of Garnier Olia!!!

I received this product from Garnier Olia through crowd tap.

Crowd tap is a wonderful site that offers free products for your review. most products are full-sized! You will do question polls, take pictures and share the companies post on your media sites in exchange. Here is a link to go check them out. They also give you points for doing these task and after receiving 900 points you get 5 bucks on a Amazon gift card. It doesn’t take long to add up points. 20 points for sharing the brands picture on your Facebook or twitter, 50 points for taking a photo of your sample, up to 150 points to review your sample and so on.


      I got to test out the hair dye!!!

Guys I was super surprised at this product. It was a no drip dye. 

Super easy to follow directions. Plus this stuff smells amazing. It 

doesn’t have a dye smell at all. My husband was shocked at how my hair 

smelled. He said it didn’t stink like the other. haha


  Everything You do to mix the dye is super easy and not messy at all. All of the packaging is very attractive

and would even be easy handled with arthritis or other conditions. Everything is large in size. I found it very 

easy to open and use everything with the thick gloves on.

All the mixes were super thick and creamy meaning no ruining your bathroom. It doesn’t drip or leak out all over your pretty white sink. I really loved that part!

  I put the mix on my hair and waited 30 minutes then rinsed it away. I then towel dried my hair a little bit 

and put on the super thick after dye conditioner leaving it on for about 3 minutes. After rinsing it away 

I towel dried and blow dried my hair.  This color is dark blonde.

  As you can see it got rid of all those nasty grey hairs I’m now collecting. I was very impressed by this dye. 

I will keep using it! Here is a link to Garnier olia so you can check it out yourself.


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