Muzee Vintage Canvas Backpack

This review is from: Muzee Vintage Canvas Backpack School Bag Book Bag College Bag Daypack Hiking Bag Travel Bag Camping Bag Sports Bag Gym Bag Weekend Bag Laptop Bag Computer Bag Fits Up to 15.6 inch Laptop Khaki
          I love this bag! It is a nice sturdy canvas and leather detailed backpack. The inside is a nice soft cotton poly blend. it has a pocket for almost everything. A front zipper I can easily fit my 10″ tablet with cover case on it in. A stretchy inside pocket for my extra-large Toshiba satellite laptop. It has a small front outside pocket that my wallet, phone and camera fits in. It also has a very deep front outer pocket I can fit my tea-cup chihuahua in, because he loves to tag along. The inside held my folders and notepad with plenty of extra room.
        The adjustable clips on the straps are a very thick plastic so they won’t break easily at all. The backpack is canvas so it is super easy to clean with a damp cloth. The strap adjustable ends are very thick and braided and sewed very tightly.
     It is a Muzee brand backpack. I have personally never heard of that brand before. I am glad I decided to try it though. I have been fighting my 13-year-old son, because he wants it, guess he will wind up getting it and I will have to get another.
       It is a unisex backpack. It suits male or female. it also goes well with any accessories or clothing. I have bought all kinds of backpacks and always seams to burst the seems or break the adjusters. I have carried this one for 3 days now and don’t think I’ll have that problem.
    I did receive this Muzee backpack from ibagbar for free or a reduced price for my honest review. I have given bad reviews and I don’t like every product I try. I honestly love this product though. I posted pictures below to show the bag in more detail.

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