LG Realm Black (Boost Mobile)

This review is from: LG Realm Black (Boost Mobile) *Discontinued by Manufacturer* (Wireless Phone Accessory)
        I ordered the LG Realm for my son. We received it in new packaging that was in perfect shape. I was able to open it up and have it activated immediately. All the booklets and other pieces was in the new packaging in perfect condition. It was as if we had purchased from the boost store or radio shack ourselves.
       He has been using the LG Realm for about a week now and is completely satisfied with it. He needed a replacement for the exact same phone, because his had finally gave up after a couple of years of very rough treatment.
       I can done tell that this one is going to be exactly as sturdy as his last one. He has done dropped it a couple of times and it is still working and looking like new. He is very bad about getting his phones wet as well. He does landscaping and goes to the river and mudding. He also goes fishing a lot. The LG Realm has always held up.
       I also like Boost as his carrier. They have one set price of 50 bucks a month for unlimited call, text and data. My son being a teenager he eats up the texting and data very quickly. It was 350 a month for his service alone with Verizon.
         Boost mobile always gets out where cricket, t-mobile,tracphone and others wont. He can get out just fine in the mountains. If sprint will get out then Boost will. They use the same towers.

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