KAKA Waterproof Backpack

This review is from: KAKA Waterproof Backpack Laptop Bag Computer Bag Daypack Gym Bag Sports Bag Travel Backpack Hiking Bag Camping Bag School Bag College Bag Weekend Bag Fits Most 17 Inch Laptops Black (Electronics)
    What time I actually got to spend trying this backpack out before my son stole it was awesome.
    This is a high quality backpack at a great price. I was actually surprised when I received it. This backpack has so many pockets and compartments for your things it would be great for baby, hiking, camping, school or anything else you can think of.
    My son decided to use it for school. It has a compartment for his laptop, tablet, phone and mp3 player. I don’t have to worry when he carries it, because it has plenty of padding and is waterproof.
      I also love the fact that it came with a lock so thief’s will be less tempted to mess with his stuff at school. It is a sad thought, but what our world has came to be unfortunately.
      My son carries all his books and belongings all day due to time between class periods. I feel better knowing not only are the straps padded, but it has a clasp and straps for hooking around you to take tension off of your shoulders and back.
      It also has bottle holders on the sides which is great due to the time in between classes. He can have his drink handy and not have to waste time getting one. I also don’t like him to drink out of the water fountain for health reasons.
     He has had backpacks to break seems and straps due to all that he has to carry. With the material this one is made out of, the quality of the double stitching and the thick zipper I don’t believe that will be a problem. Even the plastic strap adjusters are super thick strong plastic that don’t let the straps slip out of place.
   He is thirteen and 5’6″ and the bag is from the bottom of his neck to the bottom of his back. It is just the rite size for a male or female teen or adult to carry comfortably.
    I took pictures of the details of this backpack and posted below. So you could see the details and quality of this backpack.
     I did receive this backpack at a free or reduced price for a honest and unbiased review. That being said I am glad I did it is a backpack that will last a very long time.


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