How to hem pants the easy way

Why I hem this way.

Remember this method is for us who are not like Grandma. This is how I learned to do mine when I didn’t have the money to go to a seamstress. This has came in handy with my children. They outgrow their clothes so quickly I couldn’t even imagine paying to have that many pants hemmed. I also save a lot of time doing it this way. This whole process takes me about 10 minutes. I can hem a lot of pants in one day.

What you will need to begin

  1. your pants
  2. needle and thread or sewing machine
  3. iron and board
  4. scissors
  5. safety pins
  6. fray spray (optional)
  7. blue jean patch (for no seam hem)

How your pants will look with sewing

Before ironing

After ironing

Getting ready

Iron your pants The ones that are the correct length and the ones that aren’t. You are wanting the best measurements.

Fold the pair of pants that are already the correct length.Make sure they are folded evenly and seams are straight on the sides.

Put your pair to be hemmed on top of pair that is correct length. Make sure they are even on the waste area and seam is also strait and to the sides. Then fold pants until they are 1/2 inch longer on the hem then the ones that fit already.


After they are folded 1/2 inch longer then the ones that fit line up the seams.

pen the seam into place with a safety pen to make sure you don’t get a crooked seam.


Start sewing at the edge of the seam as close to the lip of the factory hem as you can get. Using needle and thread or sewing machine.

Sew all the way around the leg of the pants.

Cut off the folded part of the pants as close as you can.

Finishing up

Iron your pants again and you’re done.

The seam method.

Collect all the things you will need. This will save you time in the long run.

1. Pants to be hemmed and pant already the correct length.

2. Iron and ironing board.

3. Needle and thread or sewing machine.

4. Scissors.

5. safety pens.

6. fringe spray (optional)

Now you are ready to begin hemming your pants. Just follow these steps.

1. Iron both pairs of pants.

2. Fold your correct length pants in half. Front side inward.

3. place the pants to be hemmed folded the same way on top of the others. make sure the waist is lined up and even.

4. fold the excess leg leaving it 1/2 inch longer then the hem on the pair that already fits. Pen in place starting with the side seam. This makes sure the seam look straight.

5. Sew all the way around the leg as close to the factory seam flap as possible without sewing on it.

6. Cut off the fold as close to your hem as possible. Then Iron your seem again and your done.

No hem look

No hem look outside

No hem look inside

The no hem look

I sometimes like for my pants not to have a bulging hem on them. This is nice for pants that you wear boots over or dress clothes. This is also a great option for growing children, because you can leave extra on them to be let out later. For this you are going to need just a few things.

1. Blue jean patch (large strips) thinner the better.

2. scissors

3. an iron and ironing board

4. fringe spray (optional)

5. Pants that fit correctly and ones to be hemmed.

6. Safety pens

Just follow these steps.

1. Iron both pairs of pants.

2. Fold the pair that fits correctly front side in. Then lay pants to be hemmed on top folded the same way. Make sure the waist of both pairs are even.

3. Fold leg of pants to be hemmed inside the leg until legs on both pairs are even.

4. Pen pant fold into place next to the fold

5. Turn pants inside out. Cut off excess fold leaving 1 inch extra.

6. Cut the blue jean patch into 1 inch width strips.

7. Place the strips on the end of the leg then fold making a cuff and iron them on 1/2 on and 1/2 off the cut.

Your no hem pants are finished.


The no hem look can be done on dresses, skirts and pants. just be careful as to which fabrics you use this on. Blue jean does work the best. Remember also some materials can not be ironed on the setting for jeans. If used on other materials use at your own discretion.


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