Hint Wellness Sleep Tea

This review is from:Sleep Tea – Natural Sleeping Aid Used To Reduce Stress, Feel More Calm and Relaxed – Herbal Tea Blend With Valerian Root and Chamomile – By Hint Wellness – 45 g (Health and Beauty)
        This tea smells so soothing and relaxing. I am all about the smell and I love it. You can smell the chamomile and lemon balm over the rest of the ingredients which makes it just right.
      The sleep tea is super easy to make. You just simply boil your water in your tea kettle and pour into your mug. I threw in a tea bag and waited ten minutes and let it soak. I then gave it a gentle mash between my spoon and mug and tossed the tea bag. After the ten minutes it is just the right temp for me to sip on so waiting isn’t bad at all.
         I wasn’t to keen on it having the orange peels in it, but honestly I couldn’t even taste them hardly. It wasn’t as loud as most teas are. The orange peel blended in very nicely with the other ingredients. The chamomile, stevia and lemon stood out the most to me. I was very pleased with that.
      It didn’t make my droggier then usual or anything just relaxed me. It was like I had worked hard all day and just took a nice hot shower. I was just simply relaxed enough and soothed enough to go to sleep.
      I woke up the next morning ready to start my day. I felt well rested. I got eighteen tea bags in a resealable bag. It don’t expire for two years so I can have it as needed and have plenty of time before it expires. I’m not going to be tossing half of it out before I can use it.
     I did receive this product at a free or reduced price for my honest review.

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