This review is from: HEY GIRL, FEEL BETTER – Herbal Immune Booster with Vitamin C (Health and Beauty)
    So far I have tried the Hey Girl energy, sleep and feel better teas. I am so happy with Hey Girl tea and company. They make awesome tea and are so sweet. The feel better tea smells so yummy! As soon as you open the package you can’t wait to taste it. It has a stronger, but wonderful aroma to it. Makes your mouth water type of strong smell.
    The feel better tea has a honey and lemon smell. not the cough drop kind, but the fresh put in your tea kind. It is packed full of goodies like lemongrass, green tea, elderberries, stevia leaf and ginger root just to name a few. It is super easy to make as it comes in a resealable bag with tea bags in it. It isn’t loose leaf tea.
      Just boil your water and pour in a mug then dunk a bag or two. If you like a milder tea just use one tea bag. if you like a stronger feel better tea dunk two into your mug. Let it sit for five to ten minutes (long enough to be sip-able). Then enjoy your yummy tasting and smelly tea.
    On the feel better tea you can drink three to five cups a day. That rocks because I love a warm tea, my hoodie, a snugly chair and Netflix when I’m sick. My mom came over and found my tea stash and tried her some of the feel better tea and fell in love with it.
     This really shocked me. My mom is not a tea drinker at all. She said the smell of it made her want to try it.
    I did receive this product at a free or reduced price for my honest and unbiased review. That being said this is not your grandma’s tea it is a more modern looking and tasting tea.I added pictures of the bag and tea bag to get a better idea of what I was saying in this review.

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