HEY GIRL Sleep Time – Relaxing + Calm Tea Blend Tea

This review is from: HEY GIRL Sleep Time – Relaxing + Calm Tea Blend (Health and Beauty)
       This Hey Girl sleep aid tea is amazing! I ordered it and had it the very next day! I was completely surprised at how quickly it came. The package is so pretty. I opened the bag and the smell was so awesome. The smell alone is enough to relax you.
       It was in individual cup sized tea bags which means no tea diffuser needed. I put a tea kettle on first thing that night before bed time. If you don’t have a tea kettle just boil some water or microwave until very hot. Then I placed the water in a coffee cup after boiling point and added one tea bag. I let the tea bag stay in the cup soaking in the water for about 10 minutes and gave it a slight squeeze with a spoon against the cup. I then removed the bag and tossed it in the trash can. So simple and easy to make!
      The tea smelled heavenly in my cup. I let it cool down some and gave it a try. The tea taste better than the packaging looks. I am not a huge tea drinker, but the packaging made it look so inviting I had to try it. I figured it would be okay. Nope I was wrong it was great!
       You can taste every ingredient in it. The ingredients mix so well together giving it a nice soothing smooth taste. It makes you feel comfy inside and ready to hit the bed and get under the covers and snuggle in. This is such a great replacement for sleep medicine or just going until you fall over.
      It puts your mind and body at ease so you can sleep and feel great the next morning. I did receive this product at a reduced or free price for an honest review. My honest opinion is you will love this modernized packaging and tea!DSC00967

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