HEY GIRL Energize – Metabolism + Energy Blend Tea

This review is from:HEY GIRL Energize – Metabolism + Energy Blend (Health and Beauty)
          I received my package the day after I placed my order. I love getting my packages super quick! I was amazed at how pretty the packaging was. It is modern, inviting, attractive and makes you want to open it immediately to smell the tea.
       I of course being impatient opened it right up to take a big sniff. This tea smells even better than the package looks. My thirteen year old son asked what it was and if he could have some. He loved the smell of the mix of orange peels, lemon grass, peppermint, green tea mix. It has other things in it as well, but those are what catches you immediately.
The smell is alive and vibrant, however not strong enough to strike you wrong. It’s more inviting than anything.
       I put on a kettle of water for us both and put one tea bag in each mug. After the water came to a boil and the kettle started screaming I poured our mugs full. I waited for 10 minutes and then gave the tea bags a swirl in the water and squeezed them gently against the mug. I then just tossed the bags.
        I waited for about another 10 minutes or so to let it cool down a bit and we tried it. It taste so so yummy! My son actually drank his whole mug of tea. I was shocked. He doesn’t even like sweet tea!
      We were both amazed at the flavor in it. This mix is a pick you up mix. It makes you feel awake and warm all at once. I received this product at a reduced or free price for an honest review and I’m glad I did. I am very pleased with this product all together.


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