Gentlemen’s Beard

This review is from: Beard Balm – Fragrance Free – Premium Leave-in Beard and Skin Conditioner & Softener – Best All Natural Organic Oils, Butters & Waxes for Men By The Gentlemen’s Beard Hand Crafted in the USA (Health and Beauty)
        I got this beard balm for my son. He is 19 and takes great pride in his beard. He has tries 3 or 4 other brands and kings of beard treatments before including balm and oils. he was kind of hesitant to use the balm. He said he was afraid it wouldn’t rub in as well as the oil and it would be noticeable.
He thought it might be clumpy or greasy to the touch. He thought it would be like a Vaseline type texture. He tried it when it arrived and was totally shocked at how it wasn’t as messy as the oil to apply and that it rubbed in super easily absorbing into the hair instead of coating it.
        His beard looked like it had been washed and conditioned. It felt super soft like head hair after a hair mask treatment. He has been using it for a couple of weeks now and has noticed his beard is soft even without applying the balm. His beard seems to be growing in thicker and fuller. It is like his beard follicles and hair shafts are so much more healthier then they were before.
      He also loves the fact that it doesn’t have the olive oil type smell that the others seem to have. It is in fact scentless. It doesn’t take much of the balm to apply to your beard. That means this tin of balm is going to last you a while. I did receive this product at a reduced or free price for an honest and unbiased review. That being said my son loves this balm over all the others he has tried.

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