DermaSilk review

These are my go to products for anti aging and wrinkle eraser. The Triple sculpting crème I use at night after I clean my face. A little bit goes a long way. You really get a lot of product for the price. My skin feels amazing after applying it. It is smooth and don’t feel oily at all just moisturized.

You actually can see results after applying it!

The Flawless optical erase came with a gift of the 1 minute wrinkle erase pen. To use it I apply it after cleansing face when I’m not wearing makeup. If I am using foundation I apply it after foundation. When I use powder I apply it before powder. If I am wearing both foundation and powder  I apply after foundation and before powder. This stuff is amazing! You can literally see results in seconds. I love that it came with the pen to carry in my purse for reapplying


during the day.

Before makeup
after makeup

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