Crazy condition!!!

 Crazy condition!!!I grabbed this off of Amazon. It was delivered pretty quick in a safe and secure package. 

  That means this happened at the sellers place. Keep in mind this is a business not a individual. 

Keep in mind these things do happen. Machines malfunction and people miss things.

 This wasn’t a sample or a product for review. I used a gift card from crowd tap to pay for it. It was under five bucks so I didn’t expect it to be too sturdy. However I didn’t expect this either. lol

Sold by: OnBall


 The edges were eaten off by the machine or conveyor I am suspecting. The inside flaps and pockets were not glued well at all.

The magnetic button and connecting pieces were all well intact.

I do believe I might order from them again just to see if it turns out the same or not.  y package was well packed and product was well protected. Something just happened in the factory.


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